Club Membership

We are a noncommercial, nonprofit member based operation. Membership has financial responsibilities, as well as volunteer work helping the club by wing running, ground towing gliders, washing and maintaining our aircraft and equipment, as well as listening to lots of aviation stories. (As well as contributing your own!)

Typical Club Fees

Initiation fee: (One time) $250
Soaring Society of America Annual membership: $69

Monthly dues: Regular member $85 (Includes $25 Pre-Paid Tow Fee)

Instructional Fees
Transitional pilot (training to add glider rating) $120
Biennial Review for licensed glider pilots $30

Tow fees:
Minimum tow fee $11
Fee per 100 feet above 1000 feet $1

Grob Usage Fee $20 per flight

Special reduced fees apply for youth members and family memberships.

Introductory Flights


Because of our noncommercial nonprofit status, regulatory and insurance issues do not allow us to "sell rides" to nonmembers. However, we do participate in the Soaring Society of America's FAST Flight program. If you think you might be interested in soaring, check out the details at SSA FAST Flight. Once you have purchased and received your voucher, contact us to schedule your flight. It may be the beginning of a great hobby! (Note: Due to the weight and balance characteristics of our Grob trainer, we cannot fly students heavier than 200 pounds.)

Flight Training

Only full members of the club may receive instruction in club aircraft. A medical certificate is not required, although we do have an upper weight limit of 200 pounds due to weight and balance considerations.

At the current time we do not have the resources to accept students who do not already have an FAA Pilot certificate. You do not have to be current or proficient to start training to add an additional glider rating. Many of our members started in soaring after being out of aviation for decades.

Typical time and cost required to add a glider rating to a power license

There is a very wide variation in the time (and therefore money) required to complete a glider rating. Factors include overall flying experience, recency of experience, how often you can fly and how quickly you can pick up the new skills. It is possible but unusual to be ready for your check ride in twenty to thirty flights, or as many as sixty or seventy. After the initial $600 or so to get started,flights will average about $50. Using these figures, the rating should cost from $2000 to over $4000 plus the expense of the check ride. You can take the checkride in Ridgeland in the glider you trained in. Once you have the rating, you can then fly a meaningful amount for less than $200 per month.